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NOCA – the digital purchase association for bike parts

for more sustainable urban mobility

Anna Buchman CEO NOCA mobility

Anna, CEO and co-founder

Christoph Neye, founder and CEO of NOCA Mobility

Christoph, co-founder

robert teschendorf NOCA product & business development

Robert, co-founder

The NOCA team

We actually just wanted to build the NOCA vehicle – a four-wheel, weatherproof, electric cargo bike. Then we realised how hard it is to source and produce bicycles – and decided that we will have much more impact by making it easier for everyone so that sustainable mobility solutions can take over the road.

Roadmap & Vision


Digital product catalogue

It’s like a search engine for cargo bike components: search, evaluate and
compare components from different suppliers.


Online shop for cargo bike components

Enjoy price and payment benefits as a NOCA member. Place and your orders in a seamless, B2C-like digital experience. Manage and track orders from multiple suppliers in one place.


Digital order management across brands

Select components across different suppliers and bundle them in just one order. Chat with the supplier and NOCA team to stay up to date and always know where your order is at.


Data analysis for better decision making

Analyse your procurement data to find efficiency gains. Gain market insights from NOCAs aggregate data analysis to gather market intelligence and make better decisions.


Marketplace network for the cycling industry

Place, manage, and track orders, collaborate with partners and suppliers, sell your dead stock to free up capital, and create a seamless process from procurement to production.

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    NOCA mobility is the marketplace network of the cycling industry.

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