Facilitating sustainable urban mobility

To ensure the micromobility industry is truly sustainable and competitive, the supply chain needs to become more resilient, connected, and efficient. That’s what we are aiming in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Transparent, sustainable and efficient supply chain independent of company size and location are the foundation for innovation and growth of the micromobility industry and thereby sustainable urban transportation.

SDG 11

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

By reducing costs and building resilience along the supply chain we aim to make micromobility solutions more affordable, facilitate mass market adoption, and thereby reduce environmental impact and free up space for public goods.

SDG 12

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production

We want micromobility to be sustainable not just in its use, but also when it comes to production. This requires transparency and collaboration along the global, fragmented supply chain to track sustainability data such as ESG criteria.

The people behind NOCA mobility

Anna Buchmann
Anna Buchmann

CEO & co-founder

Robert Teschendorf, Co-founder NOCA mobility
Robert Teschendorf

CPTO & co-founder

NOCA team member Aulia
Maghfirah Aulia Anwar

Project manager

Christoph Neye, founder and CEO of NOCA Mobility
Christoph Neye

Advisor & co-founder

Connected data chains for a future-proof industry

We are creating the environment for the micromobility industry to prosper and grow sustainably.


Complement the industry’s tight-knit network with the digital infrastructure for closer collaboration

Technology access

Standardised product specifications and data exchange to use technologies such as AI

Sustainability commitment

Show and share sustainability data and establish responsible production as a competitive advantage


Focus on creating customer and industry value in line with planetary boundaries and social responsibility

Reduce skill & knowledge barriers

Leverage technology to allow career changers to enter the industry and broaden the talent pool

Diversity in team and business

Grow with intention and mindfulness to bring unique perspectives to the industry and company

One solution for every company. No matter the size.

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