Vehicle and transaction data

straight into your system.

Receive and share component, vehicle and order data with your suppliers to spend less time manually entering and maintaining data

A laptop screen showcasing the features of the NOCA portal for retailers

One interface,
all your brands.

The NOCA portal bundles all your partner and supplier connections in one place while avoiding data redundancy through just one API connection with your IT system.

Vehicle and component data

Access up-to-date component and bill
of material data for marketing purposes
and faster maintenance services.

Order management

Manage pre-orders and purchase orders
collaboratively in a structured overview
that is shared with your supplier for
max transparency and efficient planning.

Price and product updates

Receive price and product updates
directly into your ERP system to reduce
manual tasks, misunderstandings
 and reworking efforts.

Data & document sharepoint

Collect and maintain supplier profiles,
manage shared documents and quickly
onboard new team members.

Digital warranty management

Digitally submit warranty claims in
a standardised form across 
different suppliers to cut processing
times and manual effort.

Central communication channel

One platform to stay in touch with your suppliers, centralise data, information and communication to avoid misundertsandings and infinite emails.

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A bicycle mechanic and retailer is fixing a fork.

Automate processes with all your suppliers

The following processes are covered in the NOCA portal to enable collaboration with business partners across company borders.

Product development and management

Receive product data including bill of materials, images and descriptions
directly from your supplier into your IT-system to ensure up-to-date information for excellent customer support and fast maintenance services.


Submit pre-orders, purchase orders and orders, check delivery times and share documents across all your suppliers in a shared and transparent overview.

Less admin tasks, more time for customers

Reduce time and money spend on operative tasks and concentrate on what brings your business forward.


API connections available


time savings pp/pw


time savings pp/py

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