Integrations to your entire systems landscape.

Only one API to the NOCA portal is necessary to send and receive data to and from all business partners including suppliers, OEMs, retailers and assemblers.

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Maximum efficiency with minimal set-up costs and maintenance

One integration, many connections for safe, easy and low-maintenance data sharing without redundancy.

ERP and accounting systems​

NOCA integrates seamlessly with leading ERP systems for instant synchronisation and consistent master data updates.​

Inventory and warehouse management​

By integrating NOCA with inventory and warehouse management, you can automate procurement processes and save even more administrative costs.

Product information management

By collecting data straight from the source, NOCA ensures your PIM system is always up-to-date.

Production planning

Orchestrate production in accordance with real-time order and shipment updates as well as sales requests.

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One interface for all business partners

The NOCA portal enables all upstream and downstream supply chain actors to safely and securely share data and collaborate with each other in a standard interface

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Component supplier

Provide a data and document centre for your customers and build collaborative workflows for more efficiency

OEM brands and manufacturers

Receive first-hand product data, reduce development times, and build a retailer portal for efficient workflows and collaboration


Collaborate with customers and drastically reduce development cycles and the number of excel sheets and emails send


Save days of manual data entry and maintenance every months by receiving product & transaction data directly into your system

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