Analytics and AI. Insights at your fingertips.

Leverage the newest technology in a secure environment, to automate processes, analyse data and make informed decisions.

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Relieve your teams from mindless tasks with AI

Leverage process automation and AI to reduce time spend on data entry and maintenance 
while improving overall data quality and completeness.

Document and invoice recognition

Turn documents into machine-readable order lines that you can effortless share with business partners and add to your IT system via API. No manual filling in needed.

Bill of material and order and optimisation

Optimise your bill of material and orders according to your strategic parameters based on your own and supplier provided data.

Component and supplier recommendation engine

Process component and supplier data in seconds to build more flexible supply chains and pre-empt possible disruptions.

AI product builder

Significantly reduce component research and vehicle development times. Let the AI create bill of materials optimised for price, lead time, logistics, sustainability - you name it.

Prompt-based analytics

Turn your product, transaction and supply chain data into insights. Create custom dashboards, calculations and visualisations to inform operational and strategic decisions.

One solution for every company. No matter the size.

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Make the most of your data: Turn it into a reliable knowledge base and actionable insights

Sound data serves as the foundation for business decisions, cost-efficiency and resilience – and ensures competitiveness in the long-term.

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Supplier & customer performance​

Visualise and analyse information in a company overview and create conditions and segments to effectively manage your business relations.

Visualised contractual data​

Keep an eye on agreed quantities, deadlines, prices to make sure you and your partner take action collaboratively in a timely manner.

Tracking & orchestration

Quickly get an overview if orders, shipments and payments are on time and adjust your procurement and production plan accordingly.

Risks & needs for action​

Identify early warning signs based on a 360° data view on product, order and company level to take action before it’s too late.

Planning accuracy & capacity utilisation​

Gain transparency in your supply chain and include first-hand data from business partners to improve forecasts and adjust plans in time.

Connect external data sources for a 360° view

Decisions should be based on a combination of historical, internal data, external data, and a good pinch of gut feeling. NOCA helps you to combine the first three.

Foreign exchange rate

The cycling industry is distributed globally with an international supply chain. When importing and exporting parts, foreign exchange rates can make a world of difference.

Macroeconomic metrics

GDP growth, political stability indexes, consumer purchase power - global indicators of economic, social and environmental conditions affect your business and planning. Include them now in your planning and forecasting.

Weather data

The cycling industry is highly affected by seasons and weather. While Petrus’ mood can never be predicted with certainty, historical data and yearly predictions give at least an indication.

Sustainability datasets

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to carbon accounting and LCA calculations. Databases with industrial life cycle inventory data are available and will soon be standardised for the industry.

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