Shared views for efficient

collaboration and communication.

Share and receive product and procurement data with customers and suppliers without getting lost in translation and excel sheets.

Three connected screens show how data is shared between suppliers, assemblers and OEMs

One interface for
all stakeholders.

By connecting to the NOCA portal via API 
to your system landscape, you only need to 
set-up and maintain one interface to build 
digital bridges to all your suppliers, customers 
and partners.

Request and order management

Streamline customer requests,
and generate, share, and receive all order
documents in a shared view.

Agile bill of material management

Simultaneously build and update the
same BOM for up-to-date information,
shared views, and agile collaboration.

Data & document sharepoint

Create a custom, central share point 
for each customer to manage documents,
BOMs, orders and shipment information.

Digital warranty management

Streamline the reclamation and warranty
process to reduce handling times & costs 
while increasing customer satisfaction.

API connection

Connect NOCA with your IT systems 
to improve data quality while avoiding 
redundancy and duplication.

OEM and supplier portal

Offer a streamlined and easy-to-use 
process and collaboration space for
all your business partners.

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Bicycles hanging in a factory waiting to be fully assembled

Collaboration and process optimisation across customers

The following processes are covered in the NOCA portal

to enable collaboration with business partners across company borders

Product development and management

Add and update technical data, availability, shipping information and prices to a shared BOM with all relevant stakeholders to optimise the vehicle development process


Create a shared order overview with all relevant documents and shipment updates from request to PO

Partner management and customer service

Optimise processes such as warranty claims and information sharing with suppliers and OEM customers

Two people sitting in front of a laptop discussing business

Less data entry, more up-to-date information for everyone

Create shared views for suppliers and OEM customers
to reduce the manual effort of data entry, maintenance and sharing


API connections available


time savings pp/pw


time savings pp/py

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