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All NOCA has to offer: 1-Pager for Suppliers

NOCA enables you to build an OEM portal for easy and efficient end-to-end management of product information, transactions, orders and customer relationships. By integrating with the NOCA Portal, you can build a digital bridge to all customers with just one API. The 1-Pager summarises all these benefits and how you can get started now.

Overview NOCA services and offers for suppliers

NOCA blog - industry insights & news

Through newsletters and LinkedIn posts, the NOCA teams has continuously provided insider knowledge to give readers an edge. To complement this content, we our blog is acting as a central node for curated, relevant and high-quality content where we publish think pieces on how and where the industry is going according to our understanding, interview new-comers as well as industry experts, and share updates and a look behind the scenes of the NOCA portal. 

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The European Bicycle Guide

Database of Europe-based companies active in the cycling industry, including component and contract supplier, OEM manufacturer, assembler, software and service provider, and retailers.  

Screenshot European Bicycle Guide

Whitepaper on sourcing and production in the bicycle industry

A bicycle contains up to 200 parts – and each of them has to arrive at the assembly at the right time for production. In a 5-months study, we spoke to 21 industry experts to understand the challenges and opportunities of the global bicycle supply chain in 2021. 


NOCA mobility digitalises procurement and supply chain management in micro-mobility.

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