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Digital sourcing process for OEM vehicle manufacturers to build resilient supplier relationships and collect data for better planning. 

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A single platform for integrated processes
and future proof supply chains

The NOCA Portal is the all-in-one solution specifically developed for procurement in the cycling industry. Agile component, order and partner management allows for adjustments to internal and external market changes while deepening relationships with suppliers in the digital world.

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Agile component management across models

A single database at its core, the NOCA Portal allows you to integrate components, BOMs and orders to manage them across models and suppliers. Always know where your orders are, identify potential production delays, and efficiently move components in between models and BOMs to make the most of your available stock.

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Underpin supplier relationships with digital collaboration and share data across companies

Complement your personal supplier relationships in the digital world. Set up group chats to disseminate information effectively inside your company. Link messages, quality reports and updates to orders and POs. Get an overview of your relationship in individual supplier dashboards.

Reduce master data errors and analyse your procurement KPIs in real-time

NOCA integrates directly into your ERP system to make sure your data is up to date in every application. The end-to-end process of evaluation, procuring and tracking components reduces human error in collecting and managing master data. Better data means better analysis: keep track of monetary, operational and performance KPIs to increase efficiency and create cost-savings.

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