End-to-end OEM customer management

Digital product and customer management for component suppliers to build resilient customer relationships and collect data for better planning.

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A single platform for integrated processes
and future proof supply chains

The NOCA Portal is the all-in-one solution specifically developed for the cycling industry. Agile product, order and customer management allows for adjustments to internal and external market changes while deepening relationships with OEM customers in the digital world.

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Agile component management across customer segments

Manage components and their technical specifications and individualisation to create comprehensive and comparable product overviews that make it easy for OEM customers to evaluate, compare, and procure your solution. Then connect component specifications and information with customer segments to create and provide up-to-date information with only a few clicks.

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Create a digital OEM Portal to improve customer experience and reduce process costs

From pre-qualification to collaborative development until order management – create a digital workflow to collect and share all necessary information. Adjust orders, keep an overview, and share up-to-date order information with your customers. And with NOCA on your side, you are always paid in time.

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Build even stronger relationships based on collaboration and data sharing

Complement your offline connection with online collaboration to track product and order related customer questions and feedback. Share and receive relevant data to create resilient supply chains. Make customer information available to all relevant roles to avoid confusion and delays.

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Generate clean master data overviews and analyse sales and performance KPIs

With a direct integration into your ERP system, NOCA acts as a translator between you and your customer systems to ensure all data is up to date and actionable. The end-to-end process of product, order and customer management reduces the likelihood of data loss or corruption. And better data means better analysis: keep track of monetary, operational and performance KPIs to boost revenues and increase effciency.

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