Seamless data exchange and process automation.

Safely and efficiently share product and transaction data with your customers to reduce admin tasks and costs.

Two laptops connected by a digital bridge to exchange data and documents

One API, hundreds
of connections.

By connecting to NOCA via API to your IT-systems, 
you only need to set-up and maintain one interface 
to build digital bridges to all your business partners.
Digital product catalogue
Provide/access to a searchable database 
of components and vehicles, including
available product data and documents.
Agile BOM management
Supply/receive component data directly
into the bill-of-material, work on the
same up-to-date overview, and share
parts of it with the partners who need it.
Request and order management
Send/receive requests and pre-orders,
and turn them into POs in a few clicks.
Share documents directly into your own 
and your business partners’ IT systems.
Data & document sharepoint
Provide/access a download centre
for customers with an overview of 
individual product & transaction data.
Digital warranty claims

Create/fill in a standard process
based on required product data and
transparently manage and share warranty claims to speed up the process.

Partner portal

Manage data and processes internally
across teams and externally across
business partners to improve data
hygiene while reducing admin tasks.

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Time-saving workflows across all teams and customers

The following processes are covered in the NOCA portal
to enable collaboration with business partners across company borders.

Pre-Sales/Marketing <> Product development

Showcase your product portfolio in a searchable online
catalogue to make it as easy as possible for product and
procurement managers to identify the right solution

Sales <> Procurement

Provide all necessary product and transaction information and create and share documents within a few seconds without duplication


Set up digital sharepoints and workflows to manage all after-sales processes for OEMs and retailers

Two people are pointing at a screen while discussing business

Less admin tasks, more quality time with customers

Reduce time and money spend on operative tasks and concentrate on what brings your business forward.


API connections available


time savings pp/pw


time savings pp/py

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