Complete Braking System for heavy-duty cargo bikes, 3 or 4 wheels, Nuton Bike GmbH

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Developed to take up to 500 kg of weight, the Nuton Bike Complete Braking System is a feat of exceptional engineering. Refined specifically for usage in heavy-duty cargo bikes, the breaking system combines the best of the bicycle and motorbike worlds to deliver a safe and secure riding experience: with 500kg of total weight, speed of 35 km/h and 16,5% gradient, the Nuton system brings the vehicle to a stop within approximately 4m. This corresponds to a deceleration of close to 1 G (9,81 m/s2) – that’s sports car level!

It can be adjusted for three and four-wheeled vehicles.

Additional information

Avg. lead time

1-3 Months


Nuton Bike GmbH

per piece

The brake system includes a front and rear brake circuit,
each consisting of:

  • brake cylinder & lever
  • special brake calipers (2x Ø30mm pistons)
  • hardened brake discs (Ø180 ; Th. 4mm)
  • steel braided brake lines
  • stop light switch
  • banjo bolts & sealing rings

Product Specifications

Size: Ø180 ; Th. 4mm

Materials: Steel

Expected life time: >7 years (Brake pads excluded)

Standard: StVZo; Testing by individual expert opinion



Technical Requirements

  • enough space to mount the brake system



About the Supplier

Name: Nuton Bike GmbH

Headquarter: Scheßlitz, Germany

Production site: Scheßlitz, Germany

Founded: 2021


This is an highly individualised product. Price tags will be provided on request.

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