Sunrace Sturmey Archer, Rear Internal Gear Hub and Fitting Set

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Product Specifications

Technical Description: Customised RX-RD3 IGH – RXL-RD3 C30 3spd 90mm Drum Brake Type 1 Brake Arm 36H (13G/14G) for Brake Plate Position #U (-23°) including  Fitting set – Nordic C30 Hub Fittings.

Colour: RAL 9004 Black

Material: Steel, Aluminium

Surface finish: matt

Included parts:

  • RXL-RD3
  • Rear hub lock washer left
  • Rear hub lock washer right
  • Distance washer rear hub
  • Hub distance nut
  • Fulcrum lever set
  • Sprocket Circlip
  • Rear axle nut
  • Rotary cable anchorage
  • Shifter cable adjuster
  • Brake cable adjuster
  • 21T Sprocket RW
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