Standard solar module for cargobikes, front or rear connector, OPES Solutions

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OPES Solutions

Avg. lead time

1-3 Months



3,4 kg


152 W


IEC61215/61730, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, REACH, ROHS

Extend vehicle range with sustainable solar energy!

The innovative solar modules from OPES solutions, developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Center CSP, offers a light-weight, semi-flexible solution that can easily be integrated (taped) to any cargo bike box – even on curved surfaces. The solar module is available in black, white, and transparent.

Tests show that solar modules can add up to 20% more range to trips done by cargo bikes, creating significant benefits:

  • Turn sun shine into kilometres, even with partial shading in driving and parking mode
  • Cut energy costs and minimise time lost by recharging stops
  • Extend battery life and reduce CO2 emissions of vehicles and fleets

Product Specifications

Size: 1200 mm x 775m, 3/4,4mm thick (without/with tape)

Weight: 3,4 kg

Materials: semi-flexible SolFlex module

Expected life time: 10 years

Maximum output power – Pmp (J-Box Terminal/Connector): 152/149 W

Short Circuit current – ISC (J-Box Terminal/Connector): 6.57/6.57 A

Open circuit voltage – Voc (J-Box Terminal/Connector): 27.88/27.88 V

Maximum power current – IMP (J-Box Terminal/Connector): 6.27/6.27 A

Maximum power voltage – VMP (J-Box Terminal/Connector): 24.24/23.76 V

Power Output (Pmax): 180W

Bending radius: 15°

Cell efficiency: >22%

Operating temperature: -40 – 85°C

Standards: IEC61215/61730 für Mono und Poly Off-Grid Solarmodule, ROHS und REACH, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.


Technical Drawings

  • Download technical drawing for standard solar module with front connector
  • Download technical drawing for standard solar module with rear connector



Source: OPES Solutions website

Solar module on bike basket Solar module on bike basket Solar module on cargo bike

Solar module on small vehicles Solar module on camper Solar module on parking machine




Is the double-sided tape included in the price and package?



Is there a recommendation on what charge controller should be used to integrate the solar module into the vehicle?

In principle, the compatibility with the battery must be checked individually. In general, the most common converters such as Victron or Genasun work well.


How much range does a solar module add?

Real-life case studies between OPES Solutions and existing cargo bike OEMs show that the integrated solar module, specifically developed for last mile vehicles, provides up to 20% more range under full capacity (150kg load + driver). Assuming electrical consumption of 1kWh, a range of 8-12km and trip duration of 4-5 hours, the tests have confirmed the creation of 800 WH electricity, resulting in an extension of range by approximately 45 minutes.


How does shade affect the performance of the solar module when using the cargo bike in the city?

Innovative circuitry, integrated bypass diodes and half-cell technology ensure optimum yields even in shaded areas and low irradiation levels in driving and standby mode.


How can the solar module be added to the cargo bike box?

The integration of the semi-flexible SolFlex module does not require any special construction effort. It is attached to the surface with an easy-to-mount adhesive tape.


How durable is the solar module?

Despite being relatively thin, the integrated photovoltaics are durable enough to withstand all typical commercial use cases. The modules are scratch and impact resistant, can withstand vibrations and can be cleaned with a pressure washer at 130 bar. Furthermore, the solar module continues to deliver optimal performance even in the case of punctual damage due to an accident.


Is it possible to customise the size and design of the solar module to fit my cargo bike solution?

Yes, OPES Solutions is able to customise solar models in terms of size, electrical power and colour – variations in black, white and transparent allow adaptations to the design of the box.


What’s special about SolFlex?

SolFlex is designed for vehicle requirements – requirements conventional flexible panels do not meet. This was possible through a collaborative development process between OPES Solutions and Fraunhofer Center CSP. The result is a flexible, lightweight solution with a robust and textured surface. Vehicle specific requirements such as engine and road vibrations, partial shading during parking and driving as well as aerodynamics have been considered in the design. The frameless panel is ultra-thin and 70% lighter than conventional solar modules. Innovative interconnection, integrated bypass diodes and halfcell technology ensure optimum yields even with shading and low irradiation.



About the Supplier

Name: OPES Solution

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

Additional offices: Shanghai, China and Hong Kong

Production sites: Changzhou, China

Founded: 2012

Number of Employees: 50-500


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