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Moov Drive Technology SL

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The Moov direct drive system is a regenerative hub motor specifically engineered to be compatible with cargo and urban ebikes. The system is extremely robust and powerful, while minimising the number of components to reduce maintenance needs and resources used. Made with performance and sustainability in mind, the highly efficient Moov direct drive concept features:

  • torque directly in the wheel to reduce transmission and chain failures
  • regenerative breaking to dramatically reduced the wear of braking pads
  • robust wheel with a strong hub motor with sensorless control

Product Specifications

Size: ø199 mm x 41 mm width

Weight: 3,1 kg

Materials: aluminum

Power: 250W nominal power

Speed: max 25 km/h

Torque: max 65Nm

Spokes: 36; ø2,5mm holes for 1,5-2mm spokes

Gears: external removable cartridge for using 1-10 speeds

Technical Requirements

  • 135 mm axis width (O.L.D.)
  • wheels sizes from 20 to 28″
  • suitable for urban ebikes and cargo bikes up to 250kg with 2-3 wheels



What is the operating voltage of the Moov motor?

The motor works with any kind of battery with either 36V or 48V.


What’s included in the Moov Drivetrain?

Depending on your specific needs and technical requirements, Moov can provide the motor by itself, or as part of a bundle including motor, controller, and battery to optimally work together.


What do I need to consider when selecting/integrating a controller?

When selecting a controller, please ensure that it allows for regeneration and provides a FOC with four quadrants operation.

While the Moov motor works with controllers of different thermal limits, the Moov reference controller is as follows, assuming no airflow, no additional heat sinking, 25°C:

  • Absolute peak: 70 Amps DC
  • 1 minute rating: 50 Amps RMS
  • Continuous: 20 Amps RMS


Does the motor include a hall sensor?

The Moov drivetrain solution operates sensorless. There is, however, the option to include a sensor if that is a custom requirement.


What is the best way to test and/or integrate the Moov motor and system?

Depending on your vehicle and requirements, you can choose whether you want to only test the motor by itself or the entire drive system including motor, controller and battery. For new projects, the company offers an integration project where you receive a demo motor for a test period and benefit from the assistance of the Moov expert team to assure optimal performance of the motor in your vehicle.


About the Supplier

Name: Moov Drive Technology SL

Headquarter: Irun, Spain

Production site: Irun, Spain

Founded: 2021

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