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New Motion Labs


ISO 4210, ISO 606, ISO 9001, ISO 9633

The Enduo Cargo drivetrain combines New Motion Labs’ revolutionary sprocket technology with an industrial strength chain to increase uptime of cargo bikes and e-bike fleets. Developed specifically with durability in mind, the Enduo Drive:

  • is the most economical drive train for cargo and delivery e-bikes, lasting 15.000km for cargo bikes (250kg) 25.000km for e-bikes
  • increases range through a 2% efficiency increase
  • has a natural riding feeling through direct power transmission
  • reduces sprocket tooth wear, eliminating replacement costs
  • a sustainable option due to the recyclability of steel

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Product Specifications

Materials: fully recyclable stainless steel with zinc aluminum coatings

Expected life time: >15.000 km

Standard: ISO 9001 (manufacturer), ISO 606, ISO 9633 and ISO 4210 (in-house)



Technical Requirements

  • Suitable for e-bikes and e-cargobikes with 250-watt motors
  • Single speed drive train (currently available for Bosch, Shimano, Bafang motors and Enviolio, Rohloff Hub Gear)



How does the sprocket technology work to reduce downtime and maintenance costs?

In the Enduo cargo drivetrain, the patented tooth geometry ensures roller contact on both sides of the tooth which reduces movement and wear. Paired with an industrial strength chain, the Enduo drivetrain’s expected livetime increases by 300%, leading to significant reductions in downtime and maintenance costs.


What is the difference between the Enduo Cargo and other drivetrains?

  • sprockets have half the number of teeth than conventional sprockets to create less wear points
  • the patented tooth geometry ensures roller contact on both sides of the tooth to distribute forces
  • thicker plates and temperature resistance material eliminate chain failure under higher loads and temperature fluctuation
  • lateral flexibility (up to a certain point) can accommodate sprocket-chainring misaligned due to possible assembly errors in large fleets
  • longer bearing surface plates distribute the load over a larger area
  • shorter chain pitch creates minimised sliding distances with smaller articulation angles


Are there different chain lengths available?

Yes, depending on your requirements, we can adjust the chain length to fit it to your vehicle. The standard length are 138 and 168.


How does the Enduo Cargo compare to a belt drive?

Similar to the belt drive, the Enduo cargo drivetrain requires less maintenance time and costs compared to traditional bicycle chains. However, due to the novel Enduo tooth profile paired with an industrial strength chain made of 100% steel, the New Motion Lab drivetrain has a few advantages compared to belt drives:

  • more flexible and can be customised to the exact specifications of a vehicle (e.g. chain length)
  • natural riding feeling due to direct power transmission and chain stiffness
  • more sustainable option as it can be recycled


About the Supplier

Name: New Motion Labs

Headquarter: Exeter, United Kingdom

Additional offices: Mengerskirchen, Germany

Production sites: Germany, Czech Republic

Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 1-50

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