Electronic lock, Series 100 with rotary latch, Camlock Systems Ltd

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Camlock Systems Ltd

Give your customers peace of mind with a high-strength electric locking solution for boxes and stands.

The Camlock Ltd. Series 100 electric lock combines tamper-resistant latching jaws with a locking bar, driven by a powerful, geared motor. The symmetrical, corrosion-resistant jaws reinforce the latch’s strength, enabling it to open heavy doors with minimal power usage. Rigorous in-house testing has proven the latch can withstand over 7,000N of force and 300N of pre-load.

Product Specifications

Size: 70 x 77 x 21 mm

Weight: 190g

Materials: glass-reinforced, flame resistant plastic housing. Stainless steel jaws

Finish: black

Lock monitoring: built-in monitoring switch indicated latch is locked or unlocked

Door monitoring: optionally available

Sprung door opening: variable spring tension- spring open or pull to open

Cycle testing: 100,000+ cycles

Holding force: 7000 N

Contact rating: 0.5 amp @200V dc

Fixing: 3 x M5 bolts

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +65°C

IP rating: IP65

Tests and standards: EMC



Technical Requirements

  • 2-wire lock: 12 V to open
  • 3-wire lock: pulse to open
  • power requirement 150mA @ 5V, 12V or 24V ac/dc




  • 2-wire OR 3-wire
  • 5V, 12V, OR 24V




For what use cases does the Series 100 electric lock make sense?

The innovative and patented rotary latch of the Camlock Series 100 electric lock is ideal for high-volume applications, including locking boxes and stands of cargobikes.


How does the locking function work exactly?

The lock opens electronically and mechanically (over-ride), but closes mechanically.


How is the electric lock controlled?

Access to the lock is controlled via ACS100 Bluetooth interface. You can either use your own solution, an available market solution (such as Paztier), or the soon to be launched access solution by Camlock itself.


Does the lock come with a connector/plug?

The Camlock electric lock does not include a connector/plug so that you can attach one that fits your requirements.


How is the lock monitored?

There are two switches installed to check whether the lock and door is open or closed.




About the Supplier

Name: Camlock Systems Ltd

Headquarter: East Sussex, United Kingdom

Other offices: Canada, Taiwan

Production sites: Europe, Taiwan

Founded: officially founded in 1970, family-run company since early 1900s

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