Electronic lock, Series 400 (rotary/slam latch), Camlock Systems Ltd

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Camlock Systems Ltd

Store valuables in glove compartments and lock batteries safely.

The Camlock Series 400 is a small but mighty electric lock with a holding force of 2800 N. The keyless experience is especially useful when time is of the essence in commercial settings or key management an issue. The lock can be divided in two (latch and actuator connected via Bowden cable) to create multi-point locking in tight spaces. The actuator comes with a built-in, concealed mechanical override for safety and peace-of-mind.

You can choose between two different latch types: rotary latch (400-R) and slam latch (400-S), depending on your individual requirements. While the rotary latch lock is placed in a 90° angle to the hatch, the slam latch lock sits in the hatch itself.


Product Specifications

Size: 83 x 45 x 14 mm (latch and actuator combined)

Weight: 115 g

Materials: glass-reinforced plastic housing, stainless steel rotary jaws and zinc alloy slam latch

Lock monitoring: built-in monitoring switch indicated latch is locked or unlocked

Door monitoring: optional with add-on strike magnet

Sprung door opening: 4,8 N of initial ejection force

Cycle testing: 50,000+ cycles for the slam lock & 100,000+ cycles for the rotary lock

Holding force: 2800 N

Contact rating: 50mA @12V dc

Fixing: 4 x 4 mm fixings

IP protection: – (information coming soon)

Technical Requirements

  • 12 and 24 volt connection
  • pulse to open
  • power requirement 70mA @ 12V dc




For what use cases does the 400-S/R make sense?

The smaller 400 Series by Camlock is strong enough to safely lock batteries, glove compartments and the like. For locking boxes and stands, more force is required and the 100 Series by Camlock with a holding force of up to 7.000 N is a better solution.


How does the locking function work exactly?

The lock opens electronically and mechanically (over-ride), but closes mechanically.


How many bowden cables and splitters are required to install the electric lock in a cargo bike?

You require a bowden cable for each separate mechanical lock component. Thereby, no splitter is needed.
If you detach the actuator system, you need to connect the two components via bowden cable – an extension is available.
There is the possibility to receive an entire kit – including bowden cables – for fast and easy installation.


How is the electric lock controlled?

You can connect the lock to your preferred solutions, such as an app, RFAG tag/fob or trigger. For example, the solution developed by Paztier is often used in the industry.


Does the lock come with a connector/plug?

The Camlock electric lock does not include a connector/plug so that you can attach one that fits your requirements.


How is the lock monitored?

There are two switches installed to check whether the lock and door is open or closed.



About the Supplier

Name: Camlock Systems Ltd

Headquarter: East Sussex, United Kingdom

Other offices: Canada, Taiwan

Production sites: Europe, Taiwan

Founded: officially founded in 1970, family-run company since early 1900s

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