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Weight 4,7 kg



Pendix GmbH

Powering cargo bikes small and large!

The Pendix eDrive IN is a rear drive specifically suitable for cargo bikes to carry loads and people alike.

As an innovative alternative, the eDrive is also available as a serial-hybrid, which eliminates the vulnerabilities of a mechanical drive train. Thereby, the eDrive INs is especially suitable for heavy-duty cargo bikes used for last mile delivery.

Advantages of the eDrive IN/INs include:

  • No gearbox: increased robustness and less vulnerability to malfunction lead to decreased maintenance requirements and costs
  • Smart connection: the eDrive can be adjusted and managed via the PRO app, which also collects data and diagnostics
  • Made in Germany: allows for regular and sophisticated quality controls during the production process; all components are primarily sourced in Europe, ensuring sustained reliability
  • Modular design: for spoke wheels and solid rim, single and double sided mounting
  • For spoke wheel: motor unit can be removed separately, allowing fast replacement and maintenance


Product Specifications

Size: 222mm diameter, 73mm width

Weight: 4,7 kg

Materials: aluminium

Power: 250W nominal power

Speed: max. 25 km/h

Torque: 70 Nm

Gears: 1

Speed modes: 3



Technical Requirements

  • 135 mm axis width

  • Up to 20 mm diameter axis

  • BSA 68/73 mm bottom bracket



About the Supplier

Name: Pendix GmbH

Headquarter: Zwickau, Germany

Production site: Zwickau, Germany

Founded: 2013

Number of employees: 50


This is an highly individualised product. Price tags will be provided on request.

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