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As an industrial sewing workshop, heynaht designs and manufactures products from prototype to series production. Automation and latest technologies ensure that orders are done with precision, cost-effective, and in-time. With a “Made in germany” approach, heynaht is able to work collaboratively and flexible – even in series production the team can react and adjust almost immediately.

Product specialisations

  • Tarpaulin (rain cover)
  • Children’s canopies
  • Sun canopies
  • Child seats, padded or free-hanging
  • Handlebar bags
  • Bags for loading area
  • Frame bags
  • Bicycle transport bags
  • Battery protection bags
  • Basket covers
  • Textile small parts accessories
  • and other products developed in collaboration with cargo bike manufacturers



Manufacturing/technology know-how


From prototyping to series production

  • pattern making
  • prototype development
  • material selection
  • production preparation
  • collaborative product development


Automated multi-layer cutting & digitalisation of cut parts

  • computer-controlled cutting of all kinds of materials, including textiles, fabrics and imitation leather
  • maximum width 1800mm, maximum hight 80mm
  • drilling of two different hole sizes at the same time ranging from 4-10mm
  • machine precision ensures consistently exact parts
  • efficient process that’s profitable even with smaller samples and quantities
  • optimisation of cutting by means of modern CAD Software
  • nesting of cut parts ensures optimum material use
  • no additional tooling costs


CNC sewing machine

  • automated production/manufacturing of complex and geometric shapes
  • precision and productivity at series production



Source: heynaht website




What makes heynaht different?

heynaht gives refugees, long-term unemployed, migrants, single parents and people with disabilities a place to work, pays fairly and provides everyone with permanent contracts.

heynaht has a workforce of now 8 nations. Through the professional competences of their employees, heynaht is looking to firmly re-establish the sewing and textile craft in Germany. Many of their employees have already managed productions in their home countries, worked as tailors and are true masters in their field. It is this know-how that helps them create high-quality, customised solutions.


What measures does heynaht implement to make production more sustainable?

It starts with the use of recycled materials and green electricity, includes building relationships with regional suppliers, and doesn’t end with efficient cutting. Circular and durable design is important to heynaht so that they produce durable products that can also be repaired later.



About the Supplier

Name: Heynaht GmbH

Headquarter: Rostock, Germany

Production sites: Rostock, Germany

Founded: 2018

Number of Employees: 1-50


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