Cargobike Tyre, 20”, Vredestein by Apollo Tyres Ltd

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Weight 1,42 kg
Avg. lead time

1-14 days




Vredestein by Apollo Tyres

With durability at its core, the Vredestein cargo tyre is built to last. The 2×3 bead to bead carcass design is inspired by the PCT (passenger car tyres) and moped world to respond to the application of 3- and 4-wheeled cargo bikes carrying higher loads than the conventional bicycle.

Made specifically with cargobikes in mind, the Vredestein tyre combines:

  • a unique cavity design for a flatter, hence larger contact surface that ensures optimal braking and cornering stability
  • a dual layer, bead-to-bead Carcass construction, providing enhanced sidewall stability
  • an apex around the bead area, reaching into the lower third of the sidewall to increase impact resistance and structural integrity
  • an elliptical footprint, resulting in better pressure distribution and less friction so that the decrease in wear and tear reduces overall cost of ownership and minimise downtime
  • bi-directional tread design, allowing mounting on either side
  • a fit for purpose rubber compound that reduced wear and downtime


per piece

Product Specifications

Size: ETRTO 55-406; 20” bicycle // 16” motorbike; 508mm diameter, 55mm width

Weight: 1,42 kg

Materials: rubber

Track: bidirectional tread design for electric vehicles

Load index: 47 b (175 kg)

Mileage Performance: 15.000-18.000km

Air pressure: 3.5-5 bar


Technical Requirements

  • multi-axle vehicle or single-track vehicle with a longer wheelbase
  • correctly-sized rim (ETRTO 55-406), max. 4omm inner width
  • tyre needs to be at room temperature and requires lube to mount


Additional Information

You can find a product presentation in your user account under the menu item “Information Vredestein Cargo Tires”.



How difficult is it to change the tyre?

Due to the bi-directional design you would only require one spare wheel that could fit on both the right and the left side. Ideally the vehicle would store a spare wheel as the tyre mounts similar to a motorbike tyre. However, you do not need any additional tooling to mount the tyre – it just needs to be room temperature and might require some dishwashing liquid or lube.


Do seasons effect the tyre?

No, the tyre is an all-rounder. It is made predominately with a rubber mix developed for winter tyres and is designed to last.


How is sustainability handled in production and the company?

Tyres are difficult to recycle. In the production site, all employees work under safe conditions and receive fair compensation.


Can the tyre be driven tubeless?

This hasn’t been tested in detail, yet, but should be possible with a few adjustments. This would be done at own risk and the supplier is not liable.


About the Supplier

Name: Vredestein by Apollo Tyres Ltd

Headquarter: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Enschede TWT)

Other offices: Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, United States, Hungary, Poland

Production site: India

Founded: 1909

Number of employees: 1.800



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