Cargobike Rim, 20″, 150 kg axle load, Alligt

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As one of the first rims developed specifically for the cargo bike, the Alligt rim has become a staple for many manufacturers.

In cooperation with Boldesign, Alligt has developed the 20” CBW2A  rim to carry heavy loads by optimising the design for strength, stiffness and weight. With a wall thickness of 4mm, this component is specifically designed for durability.


Please note: tyre is not included

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Product Specifications

Size: 20”

Weight: 1580 g

Dimension: ERTRO 35-406

Materials: Polyamid (PA) 6.6; 60% glass

Load index: 150 kg

Expected life time: 10 years

Supplier Designation: CBW2A/B

Standard: Alligt has been a member of the CEN/TC 333/WG 9 (European cargo bike) committee in 2020 and 2021 and uses a test machine according to the German EN 79010 Cargo bike norm.



Technical Requirements

  • max. tire pressure 5 bar for a 50mm tire
  • compatible hub



About the Supplier

Name: Alligt

Headquarter: Lemelerveld, Netherland

Production site: Lemelerveld, Netherland

Founded: 1993

Number of employees: 1-50



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1,58 kg

Avg. lead time

1-14 days