Cargobike Rim, 20″, CBW3, Alligt

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As one of the first rims developed specifically for the cargo bike, the Alligt rim has become a staple for many manufacturers.

In cooperation with Boldesign, Alligt has developed the 20” CBW3 rim with 4mm wall thickness to carry heavy loads by optimising the design for strength, stiffness and weight.


Please note: tyre is not included

Additional information

Weight 1,48 kg
Avg. lead time

1-14 days



per piece

Product Specifications

Size: 20”

Weight: 1478,5 g

Dimension: ERTRO 406-35

Materials: Polyamid (PA) 6.6; 60% glass

Load index: 125 kg

Expected life time: >10 years

Standard: Alligt is a member of the CEN/TC 333/WG 9
(European cargo bike) committee and recently built a
test stand in accordance to the German EN 79010 cargo bike
norm and will start testing wheels soon.



Technical Requirements

  • max. tire pressure 5 bar for a 50mm tire



About the Supplier

Name: Alligt

Headquarter: Lemelerveld, Netherland

Production site: Lemelerveld, Netherland

Founded: 1993

Number of employees: 1



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