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HIVEBOX designs and manufactures customised cargo system solutions for vehicles used in cycling logistics. With a focus on lightweight, durable and weatherproof boxes, HIVEBOX ensures that your (or your customers) load and cargo is transported safely from A to B. Depending on the use case, boxes are collaboratively developed and customised to your needs. Nonetheless, all HIVEBOXES are: easy to maintain, silent and rattle-free, lockable and available with various door solutions.

Product specialisations


Postman – System for mail delivery

HIVEBOX postman cargo bike box

    • Standard dimensions (mm):
      630 w x 770 h x 590 d
    • Weight: 14 kg
    • Volume: 186 l
    • Room for four standard boxes
    • Practical and sturdy lid
    • Fast letter removal
    • Lockable with one lock



Cargo Max – System for courier, express and parcel services

HIVEBOX cargo max cargo bike system

    • Standard dimensions (mm):
      1,000 w x 1,200 h x 1,360 d
    • Weight: 45 kg
    • Volume: 1,510 l
    • Customisation possibilities: roller shutter, side doors,
      interior and exterior lighting, electric locks



Solo – System for small deliveries

HIVEBOX solo cargo bike box


    • Standard dimensions (mm):
      800 w x 950 h x 800 d
    • Weight: 12 kg
    • Volume: 608 l
    • Practical and super lightweight




Manufacturing/technology know-how

  • Recyclable materials: HIVEBOXES are made from polypropylene (PP) honeycomb panels, a light-weight, durable material that does not contain any plasticisers. As a result, the material is relatively easy to recycle.


  • Customised solutions: In order to ensure that your HIVEBOX fits your vehicle and use case, the team supports you collaboratively through the design process before taking on manufacturing. The in-house research and development team competently consults you when it comes to materials, dimensions and features to ensure the end-result meets your and/or your customers’ requirements.




What measures does HIVEBOX implement to make production more sustainable?

All HIVEBOXES are made with love in the Cologne workshop that is powered by green electricity. The boxes are designed to last and tested according to automotive standards so that maintenance and material waste are kept at a minimum.


What makes HIVEBOX different?

HIVEBOX is a brand of Bächer Bergmann GmbH, a joinery from Cologne that specialises in state-of-the-art digital production of complex objects. Next to cargo bike boxes, the Bächer Bergmann GmbH offers design and manufacturing services related to sculptures, prototypes, custom-made furniture and architectural models. As a result, they have extensive experience with different materials, including wood, felt and metal.



About the Supplier

Name: HIVEBOX.BIKE c/o Bächer Bergmann GmbH

Headquarter: Cologne, Germany

Production sites: Cologne, Germany

Founded: 2010

Number of Employees: 1-50


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