Complete Braking System for heavy-duty cargo bikes, Nuton Bike GmbH

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Nuton Bike GmbH

The Nuton Bike complete braking system is a feat of exceptional engineering, refined specifically for usage in heavy-duty cargo bikes, the breaking system combines the best of the bicycle and motorbike worlds to deliver a safe and secure riding experience. At a vehicle weight of 500kg, speed of 35 km/h and 16,5% gradient, the Nuton system can brake to full stop within approximately 4m. This corresponds to a deceleration of close to 1 G (9,81 m/s2) – that’s sports car level!

It can be adjusted for two, three and four-wheeled vehicles.


The brake system includes a front and rear brake circuit, each consisting of:
  • brake cylinder & lever (handlebar attachment Ø22mm)
  • special brake callipers incl. brake pads (let-right symmetry; 2x Ø30mm pistons; 540g)
  • brake pads (51 x 53,5 x 9,5 mm)
  • hardened brake discs (Ø180; Th. 4mm; 530g)
  • steel braided brake lines
  • stop light switch
  • banjo bolts & sealing rings

Product Specifications

Materials: Steel

Expected life time: >7 years (Brake pads excluded)

Standard: CE (based on the cargo bike standard DIN 79010)



Technical Requirements

  • enough space to mount the brake system
  • if the stoplight switch is used, a DJ7021A-2.8-11 (2x PIN DJ611-2.8X0.5A) connector is required




What differentiates the Nuton brake system from available alternatives?

The Nuton brake system was developed with heavy loads in mind. It is more robust and requires less maintenance than traditional bike brakes while reducing the shortcomings of motorcycle components. Specifically:

  • Brake disc: the thickness (4mm) of the brake disc ensures durability, so that even during downhill ride the temperature of the disc remains “healthy” and there is no corrugation.


  • Brake calliper: the robustness of the brake calliper reduce maintenance requirements significantly so that cargo cycles can go for more than 6.000 km without requiring brake-related maintenance work  (of course depending on load, terrain, driving style, etc.)



What mounting options are available for the disc brake?

Nuton offers standard mounting:

  • Mounting bolt circle Ø 70mm (4x Ø8,5bore)
  • Core diameter 54 ±0,1
  • OuterØ180
  • Disc thickness 4mm
  • Wear limit 3,5mm


Fixings can be customised on request including:

  • Countersinking on bolt circle for M8 bolts
  • Adjustment of bolt circleØ
  • Adjustment of number of fixing bolts and boltØ
  • Adjustment of coreØ


Does Nuton offer replacement brake pads?

Yes, they will be added to the NOCA offering soon


What is the diameter and bending radius of the cable?

The brake systems are connected via steel flex cable incl. sheathing with a diameter of Ø7mm. In addition, fittings are attached to the calliper and cylinder with Ø10mm. That means a bore diameter for passing through the cable incl. fitting of at least Ø18mm is required. The following offsets are possible:

  • downwards: 0° (straight) ; 20° ; 45° ; 60° ; 75° ; 90°
  • lateral: 20° ; 45° ; 75° ; 90°
  • sideways and downwards: 20° left ; 20° right


Alternatively, the cable can be provided with M10x1 thread, where no fittings are required. In this case, the bore diameter for passing through the cable needs to be at least Ø13mm. The following offsets are possible:

  • 0° (straight) ; 20° ; 45° ; 60° ; 90°
  • Minimum bending radius (inner diameter) = 25mm. (Recommended is >50mm)



About the Supplier

Name: Nuton Bike GmbH

Headquarter: Scheßlitz, Germany

Production site: Scheßlitz, Germany

Founded: 2021


This is an highly individualised product. Price tags will be provided on request.

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