Battery, eBike Classic LongLife, 36V-19Ah, Akku Energie System

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Akku Energie Systeme GmbH

Use case

ebikes, fleets, light cargobikes

Avg. service life

2500 cycles

Cell type

3.2V / 3.8 Ah LiFePO4

Cell configuration

11S / 5P


35.2 V


668.8 Wh


6.4 kg


Continuous discharge

20 Ah

Regenerative braking


SOC display


BMS system


Battery cluster


Parallel discharging






As a leading battery producer from Germany, AES is pioneering battery development for cargo and e-bikes. Developed for the toughest use in logistics and fleet operations, the eBike Classic battery has proven its durability already 40,000 times in the field. Tests show that the eBike Classic battery lasts at least 2500 full charging cycles – equivalent to approximately 8 years of daily usage. The materials for AES batteries are carefully selected, cobalt-free and the plastic is recyclable.

Product Specifications

Use case: eBike fleet, cargobikes (up to 350kg), delivery bikes

Materials: robust, recyclable abs plastic

Connection type to vehicle: AES Discharge Connector (Discharge cables available with loose ends, HIGO L615 or according to customers request)

Activation method: depending on configuration – grounding of wake-up line to ground via SOC-button, switch, permanent connection via soldering or CAN-Bus.

SOC Display on battery: LCD display with % indication

Smart BMS: yes, compatible with CAN bus

12V Output: no

Battery cluster: yes, with AES switch box

Parallel discharge: no

Hot-swapping: no



  • IEC 62619:2017
  • EN 62133-2:2017
  • EN15194_2017 (clause Emission)
  • UN transport test 3480 (UN Manual of Tests part III, section 38.3)


Number of cycles:

  • >1600 at 90% remaining capacity
  • >2500 at 80% remaining capacity


Discharging Parameters

Continuous discharge current: 20A

Maximal discharge current (time) : 30 A for 5 s

Recommended temperature range: -20°C to + 60°C


Charging Parameters

Recommended charge current: 2 A

Maximal charge current: 4 A

Regenerative braking: no

Recommended temperature range: 0°C up to + 45 °C



About the Supplier

Name: AES Akku Energie System GmbH

Headquarter: Germany

Production sites: Germany, China

Founded: 2012

Number of Employees: 100-500

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