The EBG is an online directory for the cycling industry to showcase industry growth, gain visbility and collaborate for more sustainable urban mobility.

political leverage

the EBG provides an overview of the EU bicycle industry to showcase the existing and future potential to key stakeholders


register your company, to showcase capabilities and sustainability efforts to build trust and gain visibility online


find and evaluate project partners to build and scale innovative projects and ideas for more sustainable urban mobility

Digital "Yellow Pages" with flexible and searchable company profiles

The European bicycle guide makes it easy to search, find and evaluate industry partners, from purchase part and made part suppliers, to OEMs, assemblers and industry experts.

Even if you are not looking for customers or partners right now, being part of the European Bicycle Guide provides you with insights to stay on top of industry developments and helps showcasing “local” industry growth for building political leverage.

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The supply chain of the European cycling industry is stretched over multiple continents and actors. While supply chain challenges became critical during Corona, they were already present prior to the pandemic. As the online "Yellow Pages", the EBG is a small puzzle piece in building more resilient supply chains and driving industry professionalisation.


The goal of the EBG is three-fold:

(1) Build a network of industry actors to facilitate collaboration and partnerships to make the cycling industry more competitive.

(2) Digitalisation and online visibility of the entire industry including innovation and sustainability developments.


(3) Highlighting localisation efforts to identify possible cluster opportunities or dependency gaps for stakeholders and political leaders to provide industry support.

After being involved in two industry studies and conducting countless expert interviews, Anna Buchmann, CEO and co-founder of NOCA mobility, started the European Bicycle Guide together with her team.


It is NOCA's mission to contribute towards industry digitalisation and supply chain resilience. The EBG is a first step into that direction.

The EBG is an industry-exclusive directory. Only companies who have created a profile themselves can search through the directory and see other profiles.



Being listed in the European Bicycle Guide eases partner and customer identification and drives company information. In addition, listings highlight not only core competencies but sustainability efforts and can serve as a driver for online visibility. These advantages and benefits are worth investing in.


To provide and ensure these benefits, NOCA mobility GmbH is responsible for the growth and maintenance of the European Bicycle Guide, including marketing activities, updating profiles, and ensuring the technical functioning of the directory. The listing fees are used to cover these activities.

There are three different profile/listing types:

(1) Basic: the free profile includes the company name, logo and EU operations. This profile option is the bare minimum for companies to contribute towards building the European ecosystem and ensures that all actors can participate.


(2) Newcomer: this is an extensive listing that provides all necessary company information including core competencies, sustainability efforts and product examples. This profile is specifically tailored towards startups and newcomers (younger than 2 years) with a reduced listing fee.


(3) Established: this extensive listing provides the same options for showcasing information as the Newcomer profile but is geared towards established industry players with the standard listing fee.

When entering company information for your profile, you can choose whether other users can contact you directly by providing a contact person and email, or through being redirected to your website. Only the Newcomer and Established listings include the contact option.


As the European Bicycle Guide is an exclusive industry network, only companies/users who set up a profile themselves can contact you directly through the directory.

NOCA mobility is the marketplace for the cycling industry.

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