Celebrating more than 150 listings on the NOCA bicycle component overview - and how to make the most of it

Celebrating 150 listings on the NOCA overview of cargo and ebike components

There are now more than 150 product listings on the NOCA overview across multiple bicycle component categories. And it’s growing every week with new products being added continuously. Right now, we are focusing specifically on parts for heavy-duty cargobikes (>150kg), lightweight (<150kg) cargobikes, as well as ebikes. 

There are a few different listing types on the NOCA cycling component overview, depending on the source of information and relationship we have with the supplier/seller:

  • Pro-active product listing: the NOCA team gathers products manually to provide as much technical information that’s available online in one place
  • Supplier listing: NOCA has received all required technical specifications about a component directly from the supplier  
  • Full listing: the supplier has provided all possible data regarding a part and the component can be procured directly through the system or via email from NOCA   
  • Re-sell listing: In order to help OEM vehicle manufacturers to release overstock and increase liquidity – and at the same time enable other OEMs to get the components they need at potentially better prices – we have started to list OEM resell components. In this anonymised process with NOCA as the matchmaker, OEMs can sell their components to other OEMs. Since we are vetting every single user of the NOCA portal, we can make sure that no OEM components bleed into the aftermarket.    


In the NOCA component overview, you can recognise the different listing types through a little check mark icon after the title.

Product Listing on the NOCA mobility bicycle component overview

How can OEM vehicle manufacturers make the most of the overview?

There are multiple benefits you as an OEM vehicle manufacturer building cargo and/or ebikes can enjoy when using the NOCA portal right now:

  • Search the database: You can search through the ever growing list of components in the overview and maybe discover suppliers or parts you didn’t know before.
  • Compare options: If you are looking for something specific, you can use the compare function to evaluate components and their technical specifications side by side.
  • Purchase and manage orders all in one place: if purchasing options are available, you can procure relevant components and manage your orders with NOCA all in one place – and often without MOQs and at better prices.
  • Resell overstock: As you and most of the cycling industry has likely suffered from the bullwhip effect as a result of the Corona Pandemic supply chain breakdown, you can contact the NOCA team directly to upload overstock and increase your chance to find an OEM buyer and free up much needed liquidity.


OEM bicycle manufacturers and brands can use the NOCA component overview for free. You can get started straight away here. If you want to use the full functionality and also see prices, please sign up or log in here.

Why should cycling component suppliers join - and how?

Our component overview would be nothing without suppliers and their innovative components to showcase. We’ve already got category leaders joining the platform, mainly because being listed on NOCA helps you to:

  • Create visibility: Being listed on the NOCA overview means your products are being seen by more potential OEm customers searching for bicycle components online and using the functionalities to compare available options. You don’t want to be missing out on raising awareness and be left out amongst competitor brands.

  • Reach a specific target audience: NOCA is building a community around procurement and supply chain management which includes sending out newsletters with insights on component and suppliers, as well as speaking regularly with OEM product managers, procurement managers, and supply chain managers mainly in the cargobike as well as ebike space (for now). We also have brands regularly reach out when they are searching for a specific solution. If you are listed in the NOCA overview, our team can easily match you with demand from these brands.

  • Highlight your USP: With multiple options available, it can be difficult for product managers, designers, and procurement managers to keep track of all the technical specifications. Being listed with NOCA and showcasing your technological innovation helps you to stand out in the crowd and differentiate your bicycle components from alternatives.
  • Enter the market: Cargobike and ebike sales are the strongest growing segments in the industry and are predicted to continue their growth path. Nonetheless, there are still gaps in the market, especially as the micromobility and LEV category expands. As a result, we see suppliers from other industries – such as automotive – enter the market and inject some of their technological developments. BUT, the past has shown that it’s not to succeed in the cycling industry (even if you are a big automotive company) and finding the right first partners and customers, and creating that brand awareness is key. By joining the NOCA component overview, new brands can test the water, showcase themselves, and gather important feedback for market entry.


To get your components listed, you can send a request to info[at]noca-mobility.com and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Getting your product listings online is really simple: fill in a form for each component and sign-off on the created product listing. We currently do not charge suppliers for product listings.

Selected brands from the NOCA component overview of bicycle parts