NOCA Crossover Bike

The functionalities of a car combined
with the advantages of a cargo bike

No traffic jams. No drivers license. No license plate.

NOCA electric cargo bike

A New Way To Move Across The City

DRIVE TOGETHER. Easily transport an additional adult passenger or up to two children.

SAVE TIME. Comfortably bypass traffic jams and other obstacles on cycle lanes, through parks and different terrain. 

FIND PARKING. Park on the side walk, on the side of the road or in dedicated parking spaces.

TRANSPORT (almost) EVERYTHING. Various storage options at the front, rear and roof allow for all kinds of shopping and adventure trips.

HAVE FUN. Accelerate from 0 to 25 in a few seconds and take every curve without losing control.

ENJOY THE RIDE. Feel safe and secure no matter your driving experience or skill level.

Designed With YOU In Mind

FOUR WHEELS for maximum safety

SIDE COVERS for complete protection 

LOW CENTRE OF GRAVITY for maximum stability

STRONG BATTERY CHARGE for long journeys

ADJUSTABLE PEDAL POWER to get a workout in

NOCA electric cargo bike
NOCA electric crossover bike

Try It For Yourself

Our prototype is available for test rides at the MotionLab Berlin. You can book a test ride any day of the week and get to know NOCA and the team.