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whitepaper on sourcing and production in the bicycle industry

A bicycle contains up to 200 parts – each of them having to arrive at the assembly at the right time for production. In a 5-months study, we spoke to 21 industry experts to understand the challenges and opportunities of the global bicycle supply chain in 2021. 

Christoph Neye NOCA mobility CEO


Anna Buchman CEO NOCA mobility


the team

We actually just wanted to build the NOCA vehicle – a four-wheel, weatherproof, electric cargo bike. Then we realised how hard it is to source and produce bicycles – and decided that we will have much more impact by making it easier for everyone so that sustainable mobility solutions can take over the road.

next steps

Our research shows that there are huge potentials and opportunities for the bicycle industry to grow if sourcing and production bottlenecks are released. We will do exactly that by setting up a purchasing association for bicycle OEMs. Get in touch to learn more.


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