Partnership announcement

Extra strong Fahrwerker Brake System for Long-John, Long-Tail and E-Bikes now available to consumers in Germany via NOCA.

Fahrwerker Bremsenset komplett mit Scheibe, Bremsnehmer und Bremsgeber

Procurement and supply chain management in micromobility

We connect component suppliers with OEM manufacturers in the cycling industry to create efficient and seamless processes, enable digital collaboration, and make data actionable along the supply chain.

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Digital collaboration for
component suppliers and OEM manufacturers

Screenshot European Bicycle Guide

Industry network

The European Bicycle Guide (EBG) is the digital company directory for the European cycling industry to find new partners or customers and digitally connect.

OEM component overview

The biggest database of OEM cycling and LEV components including technical drawings and CAD files for easy comparison and procurement.

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NOCA portal procurement software

End-to-end process management software

Order tracking, centralised communication & quality management, automated master data transfer and real-time insights for all parties involved.

Connected data chains for Cycling 4.0


Bring your network into the digital world. Find new partners or customers and deepen existing relationships through online collaboration.


Track and trace orders and components along the supply chain to collect, analyse and share relevant data across company borders.


Components, BOMs, orders, supplier and customer management – everything centralised in one place. Seamless processes build for the industry.


Clean master data that gives instant insights and overviews of the most important KPIs to react to internal and external changes and trends.

NOCA mobility digitalises procurement and supply chain management in micro-mobility.

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